Nanjing King-Lion Pharmachem Co.,Ltd
Plant: No. 118 Tangquan Industrial development Zone, Pukou , Nanjing, P.R.China.
Office: RM C5-2,11th Floor,International Trade Center, 18 East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing P.R.China.
Tel: +86-25-83585046 (Rep.)
    Nanjing Kinglion Pharmachem. Co., Ltd. was established in year of 2005,located in Pukou Tangquan Industrial development Zone of Nanjing city. Our main products of API are included Dexibuprofen DC grade, Tranexamic Acid,Nicorandil,Captopril and Cimetidine etc. at same time,we are supported by experienced specialists related to organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and process optimization. Since inception, the enterprise has developed more than 10 new API products and their intermediates , included a few - Alibendol & Intermediates ,Clopidogrel & Intermediates ,Fluconazole & Intermediates ,etc which have been commercialized exporting to to EU and South-East Asia.  
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